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At Colltech we believe in the bottom line: Results!





With over 20 years of collection experience, we can bring you the optimum results you deserve.  Our honest and diligent approach combined with our COLLection TECHnique and TECHnology will produce two things:

  The highest level of recovery in the industry 

 The lowest  number of customer complaints


COLLection TECHnique 

COLLTECH  hires only collectors with the proper amount of common sense, intelligence, and agency experience in order to provide skilled coverage for your specific type of business.


The standard heavy handed approach to a debtor, in our belief, creates a negative attitude and may even give the individual a "forum" on which to refuse payment. Balance in full is always our primary objective, but we will work with debtors when payment in full is not possible. Our technique is to maintain the dignity and integrity of a person in the early stage of collections. Persistence, third party influence, and a professional approach are strong and effective tools during this stage. 

If a debtor becomes unreasonable, uncooperative, refuses to pay, or in any way non-responsive to the initial stage, we will step up our procedure accordingly. This progressive approach along with optional credit reporting and a strong legal department has proven to produce the highest level of recovery while maintaining the maximum amount of client goodwill. 

Client Philosophy

We not only want to be professional and productive, but also a pleasure to work with.


All of our clients are extremely important to us. Whether it is processing new accounts, service response time, or routine client requests, we always perform quickly, efficiently, and for the ultimate benefit of our client. 

Our entire operational procedure was developed to make the relationship run smoothly between our offices. We offer no charge consulting services to help your internal credit operation flow efficiently, and your business to be more profitable.


When you select COLLTECH you gain a valuable business partner that's committed to earning your confidence and respect.


COLLection TECHnology


Our software comes from a nationally known leader in collection agency software development. Their strong roots in both Healthcare and Banking gives our system the advantage of being able to cover all types of referrals including: 

Medical ** Student Loans ** Commercial ** Banking ** Utilities  

We have the capability to:


  •  Secure FTP transfer of referrals
  •  Specialized Reports
  •  Mix client data for budget planning or year-end reports
  •  @Client Services link to agency to view placed accounts on line
  •  Early Out Programs 


American Collectors Association (A.C.A.)

ACA Healthcare Services Program

Medical Group Management Association (M.G.M.A. Corporate Sponsor)

American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (A.A.H.A.M.)

Healthcare Financial Management Association (H.F.M.A.) 


Just a few of the reasons why our agency is different from the rest  . . . . . . 


Basic Approach - Letters are not as effective as they once were. Active telephone work is performed on accounts down to the lowest amount in the industry. An initial letter is required by Federal law, thereafter they are used only as a supplement to our phone activity.  

Positive Approach - Our progressive collection activity starts with an effort to gain the debtors trust and confidence. The aim is to get the account paid, not to mentally abuse people. We will firm up our approach if the person refuses to pay, misses payments, or in any way does not show a proper willingness to resolve the account.


Persistence - the single most effective method of getting an account paid, and that is why we have made it a cornerstone of our collection philosophy.


Credit Reporting - optional for every client of Colltech. If you elect to report your accounts we will maintain a record of the account for the seven year period required, along with assuming the legal responsibility for maintaining an accurate record of the account.


Strong Legal Department - action will be taken on accounts down to $100.00 (the lowest minimum in the business) Plus, we pay all of the legal fees.


Methodical Time Frames - Placed accounts are resolved within approximately six months. If payment is not likely we will recommend legal action, or close the account.


Not all Technology is Good - Predictive dialing equipment is not used by this agency because it is an impersonal way of getting the job done, and will never be as effective as a tenacious approach by an individual collector. This increases our cost to collect accounts, but also increases the recovered dollars. It does not increase your cost to do business with us.


Free Legal Opinions - We are always happy to give you advice on accounts that have not been placed for collections. In these cases we both learn, and it may prevent an account from being sent to us.


Responsive and Easy to do Business with - you will receive more contact from our staff, giving you the correct impression that your accounts are being worked more thoroughly. And your phone call requests will be handled quickly and competently.


. . . . . . . after all, we have nothing better to do than collect your accounts.



Please contact us for further details or to set-up a program for you.